Cohabitation Agreement Law Society

Customers may want an agreement before settling down together or if their circumstances change, such as when they have children or get a mortgage. You may not find that this is an option, so you may want to mention concubine agreements to them. Friends who buy a property together could be other potential customers. In BC, a court can annul all or part of a marriage or concubine contract. This can happen if the deal turns out to be significantly unfair. To save money, a spouse`s lawyer could prepare the arrangement. The other spouse`s lawyer could then legally advise that spouse. For example, an agreement might say that in case you and your partner separate: Remind your clients to keep the concubine agreement informed for changes such as children and property. Your customers need to discuss exactly what they want to cover in the deal. You can advise them on what might be included, such as: there is an obvious conflict of interest in representing the parties in a concubine`s contract or marriage contract, and they should be treated in the same way as separation agreements concluded under this guideline.

If you want to enter into a marriage or concubine contract, you can write down some general ideas and expectations with your partner. Then you can either prepare a written agreement based on these notes, or have the agreement designed by a lawyer. The parties to a marriage or concubine contract may, at any time, modify or terminate their agreement if they both agree. The parties may amend an agreement by entering into a second written agreement, called an amendment or a modification agreement. This second agreement may modify certain parts of the first agreement or cancel and replace them. As with the first agreement, the parties must sign the new agreement and have their signatures attested. Typically, a marriage or concubine agreement talks about how property and debt are managed during the relationship. Each type of agreement also talks about how property and debt are shared when the couple separates.

Sometimes they also say if child support is paid when the relationship ends. I think it is essential to discuss with a client the importance of an overall financial dislcosure by both parties before the start of work on such an agreement or, alternatively, before the client is transferred to another lawyer for the elaboration of such an agreement. . . .

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