What Is The Agreement Between Hong Kong And China

29 That in terms of image, the benefits to Hong Kong are considerable. The obvious convergence of interests shown by the EPA between Hong Kong and the central authorities makes the refrain of the diminishing role of Hong Kong as a market for services to and from China. The Hong Kong authorities now have regulatory measures in place to provide arguments as to the importance of this role, although non-regulatory comparative advantages (guanxi, language and professional skills, experience in both the Chinese and foreign markets) remain essential. Hong Kong insurance companies can gain access to mainland China through a strategic merger with a local group as long as they meet the terms of China`s WTO membership agreement (no Hong Kong company is involved). The possibility of firm action against civil liberties was increased after July, when the National People`s Congress of China voted in February 1997 that BORO would not have the power to repeal laws incompatible with ICCPR. Congress also voted in favour of amending or repealing the recent public order and public safety regulations introduced by Governor Patten, which liberalize draconian controls on political activities in Hong Kong. Following this decision, the head of the Chinese government designated for Hong Kong, Tung Chee-Hwa, released a document on proposed legislative amendments that require police authorization for demonstrations and would make it illegal for political organizations to accept overseas funding or support. Tung said Governor Patten`s reforms were “very regrettable.” (24) The reason colonial controls were restored was that they were necessary to bring Hong Kong legislation into compliance with the Basic Law after 1997. Faced with a strong negative reaction in Hong Kong, Tung then published a revised bill that eased some restrictions on demonstrations, while maintaining a ban on foreign aid to parties, although it allows individuals to contribute.

One of the first steps of the Provisional Legislative Council on 1 July will be to pass legislation making it illegal for any demonstration considered a threat to “national security”. HealthThe majority of people working in hospitals and clinics that are joint ventures between Hong Kong and the PRC may be permanent residents of the RAD, as an exception to the foreign rule. The maximum allowable period of LICENSING in the PRC is increased to three years for physicians licensed to practice in Hong Kong, compared to one year for other foreign doctors. The EPA opens access exams for permanent residents of Hong Kong who have graduated from the University of Hong Kong or the University of China of Hong Kong.

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